Meet Sarah



Hi there,


I’m Sarah and I’m an actor splitting my time between NYC and L.A.  I hold an MFA from the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco and was born and raised in Chicago, so it's fair to say that by now I've lived all over the place.  


As an artist, I'm defined by my curiosity and sense of duality. I can capture the grace and heartbreak of Jackie O' and, in the next breath, embody the crudeness of an old curmudgeon who hates elitists. I search for the humanity in it all and I believe that's what makes my work exciting and surprising.

I'm also an artist deeply committed to community:  I feel particularly passionate about new work that centers queer narratives. I strive to both create and be part of work that breaks expectations.

I am well aware that it is impossible to predict where this career will take me, but I’m along for the ride.

If you'd like to chat over a cold brew or sip of bourbon, feel free to get in touch via my contact page. 


Talk soon,


Sarah IN rehearsal at GeffEn Playhouse